Texas Administrative Code Title 40. Social Services and Assistance%nd

Part 1 : Department of Aging and Disability Services
Chapter 1
State Mental Retardation Authority Responsibilities
Chapter 2
Mental Retardation Authority Responsibilities
Chapter 4
Rights and Protection of Individuals Receiving Mental Retardation Services
Chapter 5
Provider Clinical Responsibilities--Mental Retardation Services
Chapter 6
Icf/MR Programs--Contracting
Chapter 7
Dads Administrative Responsibilities
Chapter 8
Client Care--Mental Retardation Services
Chapter 9
Mental Retardation Services--Medicaid State Operating Agency Responsibilities
Chapter 10
Guardianship Services
Chapter 11
Quality Assurance Fee
Chapter 16
Pilot Program to Increase the Use of Advance Directives in Nursing Facilities and Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation
Chapter 17
Pilot Program for Monitoring Certain Unlicensed Long-Term Care Facilities
Chapter 18
Nursing Facility Administrators
Chapter 19
Nursing Facility Requirements for Licensure and Medicaid Certification
Chapter 30
Medicaid Hospice Program
Chapter 39
Community Alzheimer's Resources and Education (CARE) Program
Chapter 40
Use of General Revenue for Services Exceeding the Individual Cost Limit of a Waiver Program
Chapter 41
Consumer Directed Services Option
Chapter 42
Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities (DBMD) Program
Chapter 43
Service Responsibility Option
Chapter 44
Client Managed Personal Attendant Services
Chapter 45
Community Living Assistance and Support Services
Chapter 46
Contracting to Provide Assisted Living and Residential Care Services
Chapter 47
Contracting to Provide Primary Home Care
Chapter 48
Community Care for Aged and Disabled
Chapter 49
Contracting for Community Care Services
Chapter 50
§1915(c) Consolidated Waiver Program
Chapter 51
Medically Dependent Children Program
Chapter 52
Contracting to Provide Emergency Response Services
Chapter 53
Integrated Care Management §1915(c) Waiver Services
Chapter 55
Contracting to Provide Home-Delivered Meals
Chapter 58
Contracting to Provide Special Services to Persons with Disabilities
Chapter 60
Contracting to Provide Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
Chapter 61
Volunteer and Community Engagement
Chapter 62
Contracting to Provide Transition Assistance Services
Chapter 69
Contract Administration
Chapter 71
Information Practices
Chapter 72
Memorandum of Understanding with Other State Agencies
Chapter 73
Civil Rights
Chapter 77
Employment Practices
Chapter 79
Legal Services
Chapter 80
State Aging Plan
Chapter 81
Operation of the Area Agencies on Aging
Chapter 82
State Delivery Systems
Chapter 83
Area Agency on Aging Administrative Requirements
Chapter 85
Implementation of the Older Americans Act
Chapter 90
Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation Or Related Conditions
Chapter 92
Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities
Chapter 93
Employee Misconduct Registry (EMR)
Chapter 94
Nurse Aides
Chapter 95
Medication Aides--Program Requirements
Chapter 96
Certification of Long-Term Care Facilities
Chapter 97
Licensing Standards for Home and Community Support Services Agencies
Chapter 98
Adult Day Care and Day Activity and Health Services Requirements
Chapter 99
Criminal Convictions Barring Facility Licensure
Chapter 100
Part 2 : Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
Chapter 101
Administrative Rules and Procedures
Chapter 104
Purchase of Goods and Services By the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
Chapter 105
General Contracting Rules
Chapter 106
Division for Blind Services
Chapter 107
Division for Rehabilitation Services
Chapter 108
Division for Early Childhood Intervention Services
Chapter 109
Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Part 5 : Texas Veterans Land Board
Chapter 175
General Rules of the Veterans Land Board
Chapter 176
Veterans Homes
Chapter 177
Veterans Housing Assistance Program
Chapter 178
Texas State Veterans Cemeteries
Part 7 : Texas Council on Purchasing from People with Disabilities
Chapter 189
Purchases of Products and Services from People with Disabilities
Part 12 : Texas Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners
Chapter 361
Statutory Authority
Chapter 362
Chapter 363
Consumer/LICENSEE Information
Chapter 364
Requirements for Licensure
Chapter 367
Continuing Education
Chapter 368
Open Records
Chapter 369
Display of Licenses
Chapter 370
License Renewal
Chapter 371
Inactive and Retired Status
Chapter 372
Provision of Services
Chapter 373
Chapter 374
Disciplinary Actions/DETRIMENTAL Practice/COMPLAINT Process/CODE of Ethics
Chapter 375
Chapter 376
Registration of Facilities
Part 15 : Texas Veterans Commission
Chapter 450
Veterans County Service Officers Certificate of Training
Chapter 451
Veterans County Service Officers Accreditation
Chapter 452
Administration General Provisions
Chapter 453
Historically Underutilized Business Program
Chapter 454
Chapter 455
Taps Program
Chapter 456
Contract Negotiation and Mediation
Chapter 457
Protests of Agency Purchases
Chapter 458
Statutory Advisory Committees
Chapter 459
Transportation Support Services
Part 17 : State Pension Review Board
Chapter 601
General Provisions
Chapter 603
Officers and Meetings
Chapter 604
Historically Underutilized Business Program
Chapter 605
Standardized Form
Part 19 : Department of Family and Protective Services
Chapter 700
Child Protective Services
Chapter 702
General Administration
Chapter 704
Prevention and Early Intervention Services
Chapter 705
Adult Protective Services
Chapter 708
Medicaid Targeted Case Management Program
Chapter 711
Investigations in Dads Mental Retardation and Dshs Mental Health Facilities and Related Programs
Chapter 720
24-Hour Care Licensing
Chapter 727
Licensing of Maternity Facilities
Chapter 730
Legal Services
Chapter 732
Contracted Services
Chapter 745
Chapter 746
Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers
Chapter 747
Minimum Standards for Child-Care Homes
Chapter 748
General Residential Operations and Residential Treatment Centers
Chapter 749
Child-Placing Agencies
Chapter 750
Independent Foster Homes
Part 20 : Texas Workforce Commission
Chapter 800
General Administration
Chapter 801
Local Workforce Development Boards
Chapter 803
Skills Development Fund
Chapter 807
Career Schools and Colleges
Chapter 809
Child Care Services
Chapter 811
Chapter 813
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training
Chapter 815
Unemployment Insurance
Chapter 817
Child Labor
Chapter 819
Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division
Chapter 821
Texas Payday Rules
Chapter 823
Integrated Complaints, Hearings, and Appeals
Chapter 833
Community Development Initiatives
Chapter 835
Self-Sufficiency Fund
Chapter 837
Apprenticeship Training Programs
Chapter 841
Workforce Investment Act
Chapter 843
Job Matching Services
Chapter 845
Texas Work and Family Clearinghouse
Chapter 847
Project Rio Employment Activities and Support Services
Chapter 849
Employment and Training Activities and Support Services for Dislocated Workers Eligible for Trade Benefits
Part 21 : Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 876
General Provisions
Chapter 877
Grant Awards
Part 22 : Texas Workforce Investment Council
Chapter 901
Designation and Redesignation of Local Workforce Development Areas